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    Nail Services

    Full Set Solar (French or Pearl)




    Polish Hands


    Color Acrylic Sets


    Tip Over Lay


    Polish Change Feet


    French Application


    Removal (with New Set)


    Shellac on Hands


    Shellac with Manicure


    Removal shellac on Hands



    Classic Manicure

    Citrus soak, removal of excess cuticle, shaping & filing, massage, moisturizing therapy, polish

    Child Manicure (up to 12 yrs old)

    Citrus soak, shaping & filing, trim, moisturize, polish

    Executive Manicure

    Citrus soak, shaping & filing, removal of excess cuticle, scrub, massage, paraffin, moisturizing therapy, polish


    Classic Pedicure

    Soaking in sea salt water. Removal of excess cuticle. Corn and calluses minimized. Shaping and filing, scrub, massage, moisturizing therapy, and polish.

    Child Pedicure (up to 12 yrs old)

    Soaking in sea salt water, shaping and filing, scrub, massage, moisturizing therapy, and polish.

    Executive Pedicure

    Soaking in sea salt water, removal of excess cuticle, corn and calluses minimized, shaping and filing, scrub, massage, warm mint mask wrap, heel therapy, parrafin treatment, moisturizing therapy, and polish.

    Full set Toes


    Refill toes


    Shellac on feet


    Pedicure with Shellac


    Removal shellac feet


SHELLAC - The hottest new nail polish product on themarket. The Shellac manicure is for natural nails, it lasts for 14 days like acrylics or gels, without doing damage to your natural nails.

Shellac looks like normal nail polish, but a special process is used that includes a UV light to cure the

One of the greatest things about Shellac is it dries instantly. No smudging or bumping your nails right
after your manicure. 

Nails look great for about 14-days.

Shellac stays super shiny, it strengthens your natural nails, it's non-damaging, and is more chip-proof than typical nail polish.

It's the natural nail polish alternative. Keep your natural nails looking fabulous and healthy.

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